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Are you passionate about preserving the planet? Does it rub youthe wrong way when others don’t recycle? When offered paper orplastic bags at the grocery store, do you find yourself lecturingthe bagboy about the benefits of bringing your own bags? There’snothing wrong with being green. In fact, if more people were aspassionate as you, the planet would be in a much better state.

Would you like to earn a college degree? Did you know that youcan help the planet simply by earning your degree online? It’strue. Pursuing an online degree canhelp to:

Reduce pollution – According to the EPA, the average car cancause more than 600 pounds of air pollution. The EPA also foundthat transportation sources (including highway and off-highwayvehicles) now account for 77 percent of national total carbonmonoxide emissions. By learning online, you can avoid sitting intraffic and contributing to those numbers.

Save trees – Did you know that the average American uses 749pounds of paper every year? That’s 187 billion pounds per year forthe entire population, making the United States the world’s largestconsumer of paper, according to “Paper Chase,” published on EcologyGlobal Network’s site, Online learning can help cut down on these numbers because youcan take notes and complete your assignments online.

Save energy – U.S. colleges spend more than $2 billion annuallyon energy costs – and more than 30 percent of that is wasted,according to an article published in 2007 on, you have to rely on your own electricity for your online degree program, butthe amount you use is considerably less than what is being used oncampus.

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