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Due to a variety of social and economic factors, the health carefield is expanding rapidly and is expected to continue growing inthe future. While some production and service jobs have beenoutsourced overseas, the possibility for employment in the healthcare industry remains strong.

Because the need is high and opportunities are plentiful, now isa great time to enroll in a health care program. There are avariety of programs available to fit a wide range of interests. Afew popular programs include diagnostic medical ultrasound,cardiovascular technology, medical assisting and pharmacytechnology.

Some of the reasons the health care industry is currentlygrowing so quickly include:

* The population is growing and aging at the same time. As theBaby Boomer generation moves into their 60s, they are demandingbetter health care and requiring advancing technology and bettersolutions.

* The economy is shifting from the production of goods to theprovision of services. This is creating a demand for individualscoming out of medical billing and coding programs, cardiovasculartechnology training and medical assistant classes.

* With the need for more and better health care comes a greaterdemand for health care workers. The industry needs talented andqualified doctors and nurses, medical billing and codingspecialists, pharmacy technologists, diagnostic medical ultrasoundtechnicians and more. Because of this demand, career opportunitiesfor individuals who have completed a medical billing and codingcertificate, diagnostic medical sonography courses and other typesof specialized health care programs are plentiful.

* Technology in the health care space is constantly changing andemployment in this industry is adjusting to meet those needs. Forinstance, there is now a demand for individuals coming out ofpharmacy technology programs and cardiovascular technologytraining who are skilled in the latest technologicaladvancements.

A thriving health care system has led to an increase in careeropportunities for workers entering the field. For example,individuals who complete cardiovascular technology programs can nowhelp physicians detect and treat cardiac and vascular conditions.Medical billing and coding specialists can help take some ofthe administrative burden off of busy physicians. Students whocomplete diagnostic medical ultrasound training can performultrasound procedures that can help detect life-threateningconditions painlessly.

At a time when the rest of the economy is struggling, the healthcare industry is expanding faster than ever, and this makes it anideal time to break into the field. If you are interested in acareer in health care, consider pursuing a medical billing andcoding certificate, medical assistant program or other health careprogram that will provide you with a solid health careeducation.

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