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With summer quickly approaching, it’s not too late to lose theweight to get your summer body. To help kick-start your journey,read a best-selling book.

Atkins recently announced the release of “The New Atkins for a NewYou,” a New York Times bestseller written by Dr. Eric C.Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney and Dr. Jeff S. Volek. The booksuccessfully covers the following topics to start you on arealistic and viable weight loss journey:

* Get real: A good eating plan should understand your cravingsand provide realistic strategies to lessen them. A lifestyle changethat allows you to eat delicious foods will make a lasting impacton your diet soyou don’t feel like you have to “cheat” to eat something good.Consider snack bars or shakes that satisfy your cravings but arestill high in protein and low in sugar.

* Personalized approach: Explanations of different phases andeating plans allow for a variety of weight-loss options for peopleof all sizes. Whether you’re looking to shape up for the summer orlose 100 pounds, the book should discuss permanent eating habitsthat will allow you to maintain your new weight. Once you know youroptions and know how to evaluate them, you can make the choicesthat are right for you.

* Easy as 1-2-3 with meal plans and recipes: Detailed meal plansthat make it crystal clear what to eat and how to get started areintegral to your success. Once you learn the guidelines, having awide database of food options and recipes keeps youexcited and engaged so your meals don’t become mundane.

* Flexible foods: Whether a vegetarian or full-on carnivore,every reader should be able to reach his or her goals according totheir underlying eating principles. The ability to have a widevariety of food options without being limited will make it easierto maintain the new diet even after the summer.

* Scientifically validated: A health book supported by expertsand doctors is crucial to your well-being. Scientific papers andstudies from leading health journals are also positive indicatorsthat a proposed eating plan is supported and not a “fad diet” thatwill leave you ill or disappointed in the long term.

The new book demonstrates how Atkins is a sustainable lifestyleand not a short-term diet. Inspirational yet realistic, “The NewAtkins for a New You” empowers you to fully get ready and enjoythis summer.

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