The Willow to host Aaron’s Party


Aaron Carter performs in 2013 at Kingdom in Richmond, Virginia on his After Party Tour. 

Jordan Figueredo, Senior Staff Reporter

The ultimate throwback for any preteen girl who yearned to be the “Candy” that Aaron Carter so desperately wanted back in 2000 is headed to New Orleans.

The blond, big brown-eyed heartthrob will be bringing his tour to New Orleans 10 p.m. Friday at The Willow. Tickets to the show are only $15, but the true gem is the once-in-a-lifetime chance to hangout with Carter, which will cost a mere $65. It’s worth every penny.

Now the only questions that remain are, in the past 14 years, has anyone wanted “Candy?” Will anyone be going to Aaron’s party?

After years of being a fixture on the walls of girls’ rooms everywhere, other boy bands eventually replaced him, and tragically, Carter fell by the wayside.

His career slowly faded away as he fell into the Hollywood trope of becoming addicted to drugs, eventually checking himself into rehab for 30 days.

Carter instilled hope in fans everywhere in 2009 when he appeared on “Dancing with the Stars,” but after this brief stint, he fell off the map once again.

Checking back into rehab in 2011, Carter faded back into relative obscurity. At the end of the year, however, he appeared in an off-Broadway show, proving that he may have been down, but certainly not out. Much like an adult who peaked in high school, Carter could not quite let go of the days when his party was the talk of the town.

Going through the cliche celebrity comeback route, he began appearing on daily television and community theaters.

Carter was in the slow process of reviving his career when in 2013, in typical Carter fashion, a scandal hit and he filed for bankruptcy with a debt of $2.2 million. Fortunately, he was able to clear it in 2014. With a clean slate, and a need for cash, the solution to Carter’s problems was easy: Aaron’s Party 2.

Now, his greatest concern is not getting his parents to leave for his “rager,” rather it’s fervently hoping he can hit the same notes he hit before puberty struck.

The tour remains in the United States mainly on the East Coast and Midwest.

The only logical things to do next, of course, are put on a tacky necktie belt, choker necklace and a rhinestone top. It is time to embrace the peak of your life, middle school, to truly be the finest girl in town — the one Aaron Carter always knew you could be.

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