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Summer weather brings flowers, the smell of the grill, picnicsand unfortunately, bugs.

When the creepy crawly little critters are in your garden andbackyard, they aren’t so bad. But when they enter your house,that’s when it’s time to declare war on the bugs.

There are a couple of things that bring bugs into your housethrough doors, windows and even doggiedoors:

Weather – That wet winter weather you experienced was a perfectbreeding ground for insects of all kinds, and it’s a goodindication that this summer will see an increase in bugs.

Food – If you have food available – crumbs, fresh fruit, or evendirty dishes in the sink – it becomes a feast for many insects.

Water – Standing water is a breeding ground for insects, andwhile you might not have standing water inside your home, anincrease in the number of bugs in your backyard is possible ifthere is water around your house.

Plants – Potted plants with damp soil are bug magnets for bothfood and breeding.

Of course, you can attack these invasive critters with chemicalsin an effort to keep them out, or you can try a do-it-yourself,natural pest control program that won’t harm your family.

Bug Off Instant Screens install easily on the outside of anydoor in your home. These screens allow humans and pets to walkthrough easily, but snap shut after you are through, keeping thebugs outside where they belong. With a spring tension rod holdingthe screen up, you can transfer it easily from doorway to doorway -including custom doors and French doors -without damaging your door frame, and you don’t have to have yourhands free to open the screen while walking through. The websitewill even show you how to install a screen door.

Insect control is much healthier with screens rather thanrepellent, because they’re chemical-free, keeping your family andthe environment in your home safer for everyone. As an addedbenefit, you also won’t need a doggie door any longer, because petscan walk through the screen just as easily as humans.

Even if the bug population is expected to swarm this summer,feel secure knowing that your screens are keeping the crittersout.

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