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Do you spend hours reading fashion magazines and watchingfashion shows? Are you always at the fabric store checking out thelatest fabrics and materials? Do you truly enjoy learning about thehistory of fashion? If so, you should consider pursuing a fashionmerchandising degree.

Fashionmerchandising professionals are responsible for spotting thelatest fashion trends. They often decide what clothing is producedeach season, and they also determine retail inventories and prices.Fashion merchandisers have their finger on the pulse of fashion atall times.

So what kinds of positions should you look for once you’veobtained a fashion merchandising degree? Here are a few careeropportunities in the field:

Fashion buyer

Fashion buyers can work for department stores, boutiques,independent retailers and other fashion-oriented establishments.These are the people who actually buy new clothing and accessoriesfor the store. In order to do this job successfully, fashion buyersmust really understand their target market and have a solid graspon what they like. They also need to keep their stores up-to-dateand organized at all times.

Product developer

Product developers work closely with fashion merchandisers todevelop clothing, shoe and accessory lines. They assist with fabricselection and are responsible for creating design prototypes. To bea product designer, you need to have strong design, math andfashion forecasting skills.

Fashion event planner

Fashion event planners generate buzz for a store or brand. Theyaccomplish this by organizing events such as fashion shows, trunkshows or other social events. Fashion event planners are alsoresponsible for hiring models, organizing event promotions anddeciding what fashions or accessories will be featured during eachevent.

If these positions sound interesting to you, you should takesome fashionmerchandising classes. Once you’ve taken a few classes, you’llhave a greater understanding of the industry and will be able todetermine if you’d like to turn your interest into a career.

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