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At the end of a long day or a particularly stressful week,there’s nothing more appealing than the idea of pampering yourselvewith a relaxing trip to the spa. However with many budgets beingtightened, this expensive luxury is not a reality on a regularbasis. Thankfully, there are affordable ways to get a spa-likeexperience in your very own home.

Achieving the serenity you desire is simple. If you follow a fewbasic interiordesign principles and pick up a few inexpensive spa essentials,you’ll be well on your way to creating a tranquil haven in your ownhome. The following tricks and tips will help you turn yourbathroom into a luxurious spa for less than $500.

Clear the clutter.

The first step to creating a spa-like atmosphere in yourbathroom is to get rid of the clutter. All the lotion, face wash,makeup, blow dryers, curling irons and other bathroom products needto be organized and put away. Clear surfaces are essential toachieving the calm and relaxing atmosphere of a spa.

Get the supplies.

You’ll need to pick up several varieties of soothing bath saltsand scented bath bubbles. In addition, you’ll want to have a CDplayer or iPod equipped with your favorite soothing tunes, andperhaps a new magazine or book if you enjoy unwinding with somereading material.

Consider purchasing a bath tub reading rack that will allow youto store a book or magazine, a beverage and other essentials closeby without having to worry about them getting wet. Refreshingmineral water or a glass of wine are great beverage choices.

After your bath it is essential to have:

* A soft rug to step onto

* Fluffy towels to dry off with

* A plush spa robe and pair of slippers to put on

Your body will thank you for the extra special treatment, andyou can find reasonable prices on all these products. Spas oftenprovide warm towels for extra comfort; you can achieve this bybuying a towel warmer that can be mounted on your wall or simply byputting your towel in the dryer while you’re in the bath.

Set the mood

Colors can really help to create or enhance a mood. Choose asoothing color like a gentle blue, pastel green or pale lilac foryour walls. The next step is to accent your counters with a fewcolor-coordinated decorations. Scented candles are a must for anyspa environment – aromatherapy scents are popular for theircalming, therapeutic qualities and their soft glow is particularlyrelaxing. Pretty containers of bath beads or colored stones arealso a nice touch. If you find yourself really enjoying decoratingyour new home spa, you may want to consider taking a few interior design classes. Theseclasses can expose you to tactics and principles that will takeyour interior decorating to the next level.

Lay back, relax and enjoy

You can customize your spa experience to meet your needs, butkeep in mind a few tips that will make it as relaxing and soothingas possible:

* Give yourself a pre-bath facial you can make right at home.Combine 3 tablespoons of honey, 1/3 cup of oats and 2 teaspoons ofpeppermint tea. Spread the mixture on your face, lay back andenjoy.

* Dim the lights or turn them off completely and light a few ofyour aromatherapy candles. The warm glow and soothing scents willhelp create a calming atmosphere.

* Create a bubbling whirlpool in your bathtub. Conair’s Dual-JetSpa Bath fits over the side of the tub and whips the water into asoothing whirlpool. If you prefer the feeling of air jets, theHoMedics Massaging Bubble Mat fills the water with thousands ofbubbles. Don’t forget to fill your bath with warm water, bath saltsand bath bubbles for a soothing experience that will satisfy allyour senses.

The key to creating the perfect spa experience is to giveyourself time to enjoy it. Set aside 30 minutes and let everyone inthe house know not to bother you. Bask in the calming atmosphereyou’ve created and allow yourself to enjoy this pampering, in-homespa experience. Lay back, relax and enjoy knowing that unwinding atthe end of a stressful week is now as easy as stepping into yourbathroom.

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