‘Rocky Horror Live Show’ rewarded the anticipation

Keala Rusher, Staff Reporter

Spooky, sexy and slices of toast were all present at “The Rocky Horror Live Show” presented by the Tulane Theatre and Dance Department last weekend.

The original science fiction/horror movie was the first participation movie, where the audience repeated lines back during long pauses. In addition to vocal participation, audience members are often encouraged to dress up as suggestively as possible (except no nudity!) as well as to bring props.

Participation kits sold at the show included a newspaper, playing cards, toilet paper and bubbles, making the atmosphere that much more lively and engaging. There was no shortage of costumes either, as audience members were dressed to reveal their true, skin colors.

Typically, the show is shadow-cast, meaning the movie is played in the background with a group of actors performing it in front of the screen. In this production, however, actors simply performed the movie by themselves with the assistance of live music. The musical has been a project for students since the first day of school and the dedication put into the production truly showed.

The Friday night show went without a hiccup. Parts were played by all years, from freshman to senior. Graduate students like Joshua Brewer, who expertly played Frank ‘N’ Furter, participated in making the show a wild success. Other standouts include Brad Majors played by Brian Silver, Janet Weiss played by Meghan Lydon and Rocky played by Patrick Clark.

The live music and the outstanding choreography were great additions to the show, both of which added dimensions of liveliness to the supercharged atmosphere the film usually creates.

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