Louisiana senate runoff nationally important

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The Louisiana senate runoff is fast approaching, and it has proven to be a crucial vote not just for the state, but for determining the margin of majority Republicans will have in the Senate. GOP candidate and current State Treasurer John Kennedy received support from President-elect Donald Trump, while Democratic candidate and Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell received a final surge of grassroots funding from Democrats across the country. Everyone eligible to vote in Louisiana, including Tulane students, must vote in this runoff.

For those upset by Trump’s win in the presidential elections last month, this runoff is their chance to make a real, active change.

Should Kennedy pull through, Republicans will hold a 52-48 seat majority in the Senate next year. A Kennedy victory makes every policy proposed by Trump, including those that may harm minority communities, more likely to become law. For those who are neutral to the results of the presidential race, or who supported of Trump, this runoff is still an important election. With a $300 million budget deficit still hanging over the state, picking the right senator isn’t just about partisan politics, but about ensuring that Louisiana has a bright future.

Members of the Tulane community have the option to live here for four years and leave. The majority of Louisiana residents do not.

Currently, Kennedy leads by 14 points in the polls released by Southern Media Opinion and Research. As a politician with real experience dealing with the budget crisis, being the State Treasurer through the brunt of it, he has proven no more effective than anyone else in Baton Rouge. Campbell could provide a fresh look at the problem and already has several successful years of experience in state Senate.

This isn’t Kennedy’s first attempt at a seat in the Senate. He’s already lost two races, one as a Democrat and one as a Republican. Though Louisiana is and has been a predominately red state, this surge of support for Kennedy is just a grab to solidify power for Trump and his cabinet. As active voters, we must consider whether or not this man is best for a state that is struggling with a deficit, still recovering from flooding, and working to conserve a crumbling coastline.

Still, whichever way you vote, just do it.

Kathryne is a senior at Newcomb-Tulane College. She can be reached at [email protected].

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