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Heather Andelsman, Staff Reporter

Disney movies coached us through our childhood, teaching us important life lessons, like “be true to yourself,” “stay strong in the face of adversity” and “never surrender your voice to a wicked sea witch in exchange for human legs” (we’re looking at you, Ariel). They often pop up again some time in the midst of our mid-youth crisis, providing a pleasant blast from the past. Now, thanks to the powers of Netflix, a nostalgic revisiting of your childhood is easier than ever.

Once Upon A Time

In ABC’s inventive fantasy series, all of the classic Disney characters are brought to life, giving their original stories a new twist. Jennifer Morrison stars as Emma Swan, who is led to the town of Storybrooke, Maine by her long-lost son, Henry. Henry claims that every Storybrooke inhabitant is a fairy-tale character, but that nobody can remember who they really are due to a curse. As the lead, Emma offers a relatable outlook on the show’s sometimes bizarre plot points, adding sarcastic humor and relieving tension.

Although the show’s premise can seem childish, it demonstrates detailed writing and unpredictability over the course of four seasons. The show features characters from every fairy tale, ranging from “Snow White” to “Frozen.” New characters are continuously added to the already extensive main cast. “Once Upon a Time” is a creative and enticing show that brings together all of the best Disney characters for an exciting story.

Rating: 4/5 


The nostalgia from watching one of the older Disney animated movies isn’t the only reason to watch “Mulan.” The empowering classic shows that girls can do anything that boys can do, giving kids (or college students) a positive message. As with any Disney movie, “Mulan” is also accompanied by an amazing soundtrack, adding a fun musical aspect to the story.

When China is invaded, each family is told that they must offer up one male to go to war. For Mulan’s family, that meant her father, the only male, would have to go. Rather than allow her father to be sent to war, she decides to pretend to be a male and take his place. This leads to a long journey as she learns how to fight for herself and help save China. Though it is a cartoon, “Mulan” is anything but a silly children’s movie and can be widely appreciated by all ages.

Rating: 5/5

Walt Disney Animated Studios: Short Films Collection

For someone that has already seen every single Disney movie, this collection of short films contains a few new stories. 12 Disney shorts are brought together to create an hour and a half length feature that is sure to be enjoyed by any Disney fan. Though these shorts are all unrelated, each one has a lovable and innocent feeling to it. They’re only around ten minutes a piece and don’t have to be watched all at once. This collection is perfect for a quick study break or cheering up on a bad day.

The two most exciting shorts are “Frozen Fever” and “Tangled Ever After,” which include all of the characters from the original movies and offer more to add to the plots. Other shorts have classic characters like Mickey Mouse and Goofy. As well as the known characters, the collection also has completely original characters with brand new stories to discover.

Rating: 4/5

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