Hillel Community Market lets the dogs out

Bryce Berman, Staff Reporter

After a series of rainy Sundays, Hillel’s Community Market finally got the sunny weather it needed this past weekend. Many students came out to the market to see the vendors, but what caught the attention of most was the dog adoption drive.

Everyone with pets can probably relate to missing their animals, so seeing these sweet, loving dogs at Hillel was definitely a refreshing experience. Many were competing for the chance to hold one particular dog, a 10-week old puppy that is yet to be named. It was just a little bigger than the size of a hand and fell asleep in the arms of nearly everyone who held it. Some of the other dogs were playful and outgoing, which made everybody attending the market wish they could adopt a dog.  

TUSTEP, Tulane University Service-Dog Training and Education Program, sponsored the drive with many members of the club introducing the 15 dogs to guests and explaining a little bit about their character to interested individuals. The dogs came from Pen Pals, a no-kill animal shelter in Jackson, Louisiana. The shelter is located on the grounds of Dixon Correctional Facility and the dogs are used to rehabilitate inmates, which makes the stories of these animals all the more interesting.  

After only one hour of the dog adoption drive, a dog had already been adopted. Not all of the dogs found new owners, but it was still a success. Pen Pals Inc. cheered students up by bringing dogs to Hillel while simultaneously spreading awareness of their organization.

As students proceeded into the market, they heard the voices of some of Tulane’s most talented musicians. This provided a relaxing and laid-back vibe as people navigated between the many vendors. One vendor, Gator and Crane, featured two demos including how to “upcycle glass” where students learned how to turn an old pasta jar into a beautiful container and how to use one ingredient to make something delicious. Gator and Crane is zero-waste and students who bought produce from them were required to bring their own reusable bag. Another vendor, Nuttier Than a Squirrel, featured jewelry and a variety of other products made of acorns and other natural materials, which would make great, artisanal holiday presents.

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