Nationwide egg shortage forces Bruff to adapt

Emery Henschel, Staff Reporter

Egg prices have risen and the quantity of eggs available has decreased due to an avian flu outbreak that started in spring 2015, but Tulane Dining Services has taken action to avoid changes in its menus. 

On Sept. 8, Dining Services announced that it will have limited availability of hard-boiled eggs and egg whites due to the egg shortage.

According to Marketing Specialist for Dining Services Linda Lien-Ribardi, Dining Services has been working with its suppliers and local farms to ensure that it has additional eggs available. Lien-Ribardi went on to say that egg whites are the hardest to acquire, but Bruff Commons cracks whole eggs daily to get fresh egg whites every morning. 

“We do not anticipate any shortfalls, but we have been creative with our menus to ensure students are still receiving a balanced meal,” Lien-Ribardi said.  

The egg shortage is estimated to last for another 12 to 18 months according to a press release by Sodexo, the parent company that runs Dining Services. Bruff has made changes to compensate for the length of time that the egg shortage is going to last, according to Lien-Ribardi. 

“We have adjusted our inventory procedures to ensure that we stay ahead of the demand for egg dishes, so those dining on campus should not see any major changes,” Lien-Ribardi said. 

Freshman Kathryn Wagner said she has not noticed any changes in the eggs at Bruff because it still has the omelet line. Since many vegetarians rely on hard-boiled eggs for protein in their salads, they are encouraged to learn more about high-protein grains and legumes that can make up for a possible lack of eggs in stores and in their overall diets Lien-Ribardi said. Bruff includes a Peak Performance station and a vegan bar where different grains and legumes can be found daily. 

“Anyone who still has concerns about getting their daily protein should make an appointment with one of the skilled nutritionists on campus, so they can find strategies for getting the most out of on-campus dining for their individual needs,” Lien-Ribardi said.

Senior Staff Reporter Akash Desai contributed to this report.

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