Crowd latches on to Disclosure at Mardi Gras Ballroom

Bryce Berman, Staff Reporter

Disclosure sent intensely good vibes through the crowd during its set on Tuesday night at Mardi Gras World.

The pair of English brothers is most famous for their popular hits “Latch,” “Omen” and “You and Me.” Disclosure is currently on tour for newest album “Caracal.”

Pomo and Claude VonStroke opened the concert in separate performances that successfully energized the audience. Though unfamiliar to many, Pomo immediately energized the crowd with “Start Again” and “Cherry Funk” — songs that resemble Disclosure’s indie-electronic vibe. VonStroke was not as much of a hit with the audience due to the monotony of the set, but kept everyone up and dancing nonetheless.

Disclosure started off their performance of “Caracal” with song “Superego.” The duo then went on to perform “Omen,” “Nocturnal” and “Magnets,” other popular jams from the new album. It also included some classics from its previous album “Settle” to appeal to the audience members who were more familiar with its old work.  

The stage was in a large ballroom in Mardi Gras World but it still maintained a somewhat intimate environment thanks to the audience, who crowded up front and left plenty of space at the back of the room for those who would rather stand in the back and dance freely.


There was a comfortable amount of people there — people were not pushing up against one another, it was not unbearably hot, there were no girls on top of guys’ shoulders waving flags and there was plenty of room to dance even in the most compact areas of the crowd. Everyone was united in enjoying the music and having a good time. The age range of the audience was quite vast — from college and high school students to middle-aged parents, they all seemed to respect each other and enjoy sharing the moment.

Unlike Electric Daisy Carnival or Buku, where electronic music is also the focal point of the performances, the ambiance of the Disclosure concert was relaxed and low-key.

“The atmosphere was really fun,” sophomore Allie Frank said. “It was cool how all of the instrumentals were done on the computer so it seemed like they had a full band.” 


During the songs, blue and purple lights were constantly moving and casting different shades on the crowd while Disclosure was hard at work moving between the keyboard and the electronic equipment.  

After a rowdy crowd chanted “one more song” for several minutes, Disclosure came back on stage and performed the singles, “Moving Mountains” and the iconic “Latch” for the encore. One of the Disclosure brothers ended the night by taking a selfie with the crowd, capturing the conclusion of the night, before exiting the stage.

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