Stand-Up Queue

Bella Gagliano, Contributing Reporter

Tig Notaro, Amy Schumer and Aziz Ansari are three veteran comics who, in recent years, have used stand-up comedy to take a stand on prevalent issues and ideas in their respective films and series. Gone are the days of knock-knock jokes and “pull my finger” gags. These comedians have guts and aren’t afraid to bust some too. 

“Tig” 5/5

Netflix’s new hit documentary “Tig” profiles the breast cancer survivor as she copes with pain through hilarious jokes and witty sarcasm. 

“Tig” explores Notaro’s transition as she undergoes a double mastectomy in true comedic fashion, saying “boobs, no boobs, cancer or no cancer. This is just life and this is my body, relax.” Notaro has received feedback from a number of breast cancer survivors who feel she encouraged them to grin and giggle again. 

“Women Who Kill” 3.5/5

Amy Schumer is another lady who has no fear of confronting the uncomfortable or obscene. Schumer’s new stand-up show, “Women Who Kill,” brings together a group of four opinionated gals  Schumer, along with Nikki Glaser, Marina Franklin and Rachel Feinstein  who address everything from sex to respect, all while delivering the subtle message that women are allowed, and encouraged, to have a voice, and a funny one at that. 

From Feinstein’s remarks on street culture to Glaser’s darker commentary on verbal and physical abuse, these ladies are obviously trying to drive ideas home with the vehicle of choice being stand-up. Even the very concept of four women comedians together sends a message of empowerment through the entertainment industry, a historically male-dominated enterprise.

“Buried Alive” 4/5

Social commentary turned comedy sketch finds a new voice with Aziz Ansari’s “Buried Alive.” Transitioning from earlier years that included poking fun at Kanye West, Ansari is now zeroing in on serious topics like marriage, parenting and growing old, expressing his concerns in a way that’s hilarious and relatable. 

While Ansari obviously continues to deliver his goofy charm and absurd punchlines through the entirety of “Buried Alive,” it’s clear that he, and others, are beginning to use their platforms in a deeper, more socially conscious way.

Tig Notaro, Amy Schumer and Aziz Ansari have undoubtedly begun to rewrite the formula for a good comedy show; one that doesn’t just include giggles and grins, but also insight and awareness.

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