Dummies’ guide: 15 things to know about Tulane football


Andrew Lemoine, Staff Reporter

15 easy facts to help you follow Tulane Football:

  1. Tulane Athletics is in the American Athletic Conference
  2. Redshirt sophomore Tanner Lee (#12) is Tulane’s quarterback.
  3. Curtis Johnson is Tulane’s head coach. 
  4. Tulane finished 3-9 last year.
  5. After Tulane scores a touchdown, “The Hullabaloo” should not begin until after the score is announced. 
  6. For Tulane Athletics, “Green Wave” is the nickname, while Riptide the pelican is our mascot. 
  7. Tulane students can use WaveBucks at select stadium registers.
  8. Tulane last made a bowl game in 2013. 
  9. Tulane’s Redzone Defense finished second in the nation last year. 
  10. Tulane’s Redzone Offense tied for second to last (123rd) in the nation last year.
  11. Tulane’s defense is led by senior safety Darion Monroe, senior defensive end Royce LaFrance, junior linebacker Nico Marley and redshirt sophomore cornerback Parry Nickerson.
  12. Sophomore cornerback Parry Nickerson tied for seventh in the nation in interceptions last year (six).
  13. Head Coach Curtis Johnson has won a Super Bowl and NCAA National Championship as a coach.
  14. Tulane Football has more SEC Championships than Kentucky, Mississippi State, Arkansas, South Carolina,Missouri and Vanderbilt. Tulane is no longer a member of the Southeastern Conference. 
  15. @hullsports provides the best Tulane sports coverage on Twitter.

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