ZZ Ward’s Love and War tour storms House of Blues

Cadence Neenan, Staff Reporter

ZZ Ward took the House of Blues stage Tuesday with tangible strength. 

“This one’s about a bitch who tried to steal my man,” Ward said.

Fueled by the inexorable combination of Ward’s passion and the all-too-relatable message of her first album’s biggest song, “Put the Gun Down,” the crowd paused only momentarily before extending every hand to the sky and stomping along with the infectious beat.

This passion paired with an authentic message is the key to Ward’s success, according to her.

“I think one of the reasons that the first album really resonated with people so much was because I was just talking about things that were going on in my life,” Ward said. “And I think people were relating to those stories that were very authentic.”

ZZ Ward in New Orleans

While Ward’s newest EP, “Love and War,” was only released Friday, loyal fans belted out the lyrics to these songs with the same unfaltering passion as those in her last album, “Til the Casket Drops,” released three years ago. In particular, the single “Love 3X” has quickly emerged as a fan favorite.

“Definitely the new single, ‘Love 3X,’ has been my favorite part of the show; it feels really good to be able to evolve as an artist and to create new music,” Ward said. “And to have all of my fans come out to these shows and be excited about the new music, and be singing the lyrics to songs that haven’t been out for very long — it’s my favorite part about it.”

While Ward rocked the House of Blues as the night’s featured artist, a short two hours before she claimed the stage, a slightly smaller crowd gathered for her two supporting bands, Marc Scibilia and The Young Wild.

While the band has only formally recorded and released one song, a catchy, full-of-life single entitled “Not a One,” it doesn’t seem to stop the members from living up to their namesake, exuding energy and charisma through every song, whether or not the audience is singing along with every word.

“I know that we only released ‘Not a One’ really recently,” bassist Gareth Moore said. “But even then it seems like it’s a clap-able, stomp-able song, there’s a big chorus, there are parts to sing along to, and the audience seems to really, really enjoy it.”

ZZ Ward in New Orleans

The crowd at the House of Blues definitely did enjoy it — through all three performances, whether the audience was packed or sparse, people were crammed shoulder to shoulder against the stage in an attempt to get closer to whomever was performing at the moment.

For Ward, this energy is expected from a New Orleans crowd.

“We always have a really great time in New Orleans, I think there’s such a magical energy about this city,” Ward said.

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