Ying and Yang in perfect harmony


Ying Yang Twins rock the stage at Tulane’s First Wave Concert. 

Michael Ossorguine, Contributing Reporter

If, like many Tulanians, you are a fan of Lil Jon, last Friday’s performance by the Ying Yang Twins delivered. Some would consider Lil Jon, after hearing him repeatedly yell “shots” into a microphone, more-or-less a glorified hype man, but he fills his role with gusto. The Ying Yang Twins did the same, jumping and gesticulating around the stage while shouting into the microphone, trading bars and actually performing Lil Jon’s “Get Low” as well, on which they feature.

The concert, hosted by Tulane University Campus Programming, did not heat up until slightly later than expected. The Lavin-Bernick Center Quad was on the emptier side at 8 p.m. when the opening act Mr. Collipark took the stage. The hip-hop DJ and producer did not produce a crowd, and for the first hour of the concert, the inflatable slides and castles stole the show. There were long lines for the various T-shirt giveaways and an especially popular obstacle course where concertgoers rolled around in huge plastic balls.

The Ying Yang Twins inconspicuously took the stage at 9 p.m., but they soon made their presence known to the growing crowd by doing what they do best: spitting some Southern-slurred rap lines loudly into a microphone, sometimes double-tracking their voices, while the bass thumped over minimalistic, yet rich and loud 808 beats in the background.

The twins, D-Roc and Kaine, played some of their most popular songs during their set, such as “Badd,” which Mr. Collipark produced. They ended their concert with “Halftime,” the legendary song adopted by the New Orleans Saints.

TUCP Co-Chairs Scott Thompson and Jacqueline McLennan estimated the crowd to be around 1250 strong.

“We wanted something really upbeat, and something that everyone really enjoys,” Thompson said. “We wanted people really amped up. It was their first Saturday at Tulane. We wanted everyone to have a lot of fun.”

TUCP wants Tulane students to know they can have a large influence on what acts perform on the LBC Quad by showing up to TUCP meetings, which are open to the public.

“Sometimes our best acts are the ones that the kids that just randomly reach out to us request,” McLennan said. “We want to try to gauge what the school wants the most and who can have the most impact on people.”

For future concerts, Swimmers and U.S. Girls have been confirmed for this year.

Unfortunately, not long after a crowd assembled, the concert ended at 10:30, leaving many wanting more as the crowd dispersed. The duo made it a great time for a solid hour-and-a-half. If you are a fan of party-rap music meant to get people on their feet, then this concert was for you.

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