Taking advantage of Spring Break in New Orleans

Ashley Easterly, Senior Staff Reporter

Mardi Gras season has long passed, midterms are winding down and the combined scents of crawfish, oak tree pollen and Boot happy hour are permeating the edges of campus. Spring is here, which means it’s just warm enough to skip your Friday afternoon attendance-optional classes daiquiris in tow for an impromptu visit to the Fly. Spring means every college student’s nine-day debauchery-fueled Vanessa Hudgens-inspired dream: spring break.

If you aren’t headed out of town for a beach week, cruise or a trip back home, The Arcade has you covered. The Arcade compiled some activities to occupy your time in between binge-drinking the night away at The Boot and The Palms for your New Orleans spring break stay-cation.

Visit NOLA Food Fest

Taking place all day Saturday and Sunday, New Orleans offers up one of its most unique food festivals. Under the covered walkways of the French Market and nestled at the edge of the Quarter, NOLA Food Fest features cheap, fest-sized eats highlighting American cuisine, especially from New Orleans and Louisiana.

Experience Louisiana Crawfish Festival

St. Bernard Parish will host the Louisiana Crawfish Festival from Thursday to Monday. Consider this an appropriate pre-game to prepare your stomach (and your liver) for the damage following spring break that Crawfest and the quickly approaching summer festival season will cause.

Hang at the Fly

If you’re looking for a spring break activity that requires less travel, take a walk, bike ride or drive down to Avenger Park just on the other side of Audubon Park. Better known to Tulanians as “The Fly,” this stretch of land bends along the coast of the Mississippi River. The riverside provides a beautiful atmosphere perfect for spring afternoon day-drinking, frisbee-throwing and dog-petting. If you’re of legal age, stop by any local daiquiri shack on your way with friends, and spend the afternoon and evening watching the sun set through a frame of boats and cargo ships on the Mississippi.

Take a streetcar ride through the Garden District

Spring is the best time to enjoy a streetcar ride through New Orleans. The height of festival season can cause massive crowds, however, so take advantage of the empty streetcar during this break between massive fests and parades.

Eat your fill of New Orleans cuisine

New Orleans is known for its food, and for good reason. In between festivals celebrating New Orleans’ vast culture of cuisine, take a break to visit a New Orleans favorite over spring break. Treat yourself to one of those expensive restaurants you make your rich relatives take you to when they’re in town (try Commander’s Palace, The Court of Two Sisters or Bourbon House), visit a cheap classic you’ve never ventured into or try something entirely new—maybe a po-boy shop you haven’t tried, a specialty cuisine, or just a new pizza place.

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