FULLABALOO: Switching setters

From shuffling bags in a dark hallway to exchanging everything from shoes to their ponytails, twins Ally and Brooklyn Frank know their routine, and it is not limited to just serving or spiking.

“Don’t fuck up my record,” they whisper to each other when switching places. Ally Frank is a senior setter and two-year letter-winner for Tulane beach and indoor volleyball, while Brooklyn Frank spends her time playing beach volleyball for the University of New Orleans Privateers.

A Fullabaloo investigation found that the Frank twins occasionally switched places for volleyball matches throughout their collegiate careers.

The twins were first spotted by Tulane freshman Rebecca Neuman-Hammond, who was lost in the Avron B. Fogelman Arena at Devlin Fieldhouse looking for a concert. 

Startled by the presence of athletes, Neuman-Hammond, hid behind a trash can, watched as Frank tossed her Tulane jersey to Frank. Neuman-Hammond was shocked to see Frank return to Tulane’s bench while Frank watched from the sidelines.

“I’d never even seen a sporting event, so I wondered if this was a thing,” Neuman-Hammond said. “It definitely seemed like a thing, but not a totally legal thing.”

Following the investigation, the Frank twins admitted to switching places since their sophomore years.

“Watching other players scramble against what they believed were my spikes was a whole new rush that I couldn’t get enough of,” Frank said. 

Frank said she agrees with Frank. “We didn’t come all the way from Canada to play normal volleyball. We’ve always been about pushing what we can accomplish in the sport,” Frank said. 

Several supporters from within the athletic community believe this should be allowed, inciting much debate. 

“This is their natural advantage, you know, like Darwin said,” senior Jordan Figueredo said. “The Frank twins should be able to capitalize on it.”

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