USG Vice President for Finance Platforms

Junior Hang Dao

I want to apply for the Vice President for Finance position because it can advance my experience in my professional career. Thanks to my internship as a data management and analyst this semester, I have been exposed to real world financial problems. Therefore, [the position] will be a great opportunity for me to continue my finance experience, especially in budgeting and funding, since finance is my chosen professional career.

Moreover, as a transfer student, I have less time in Tulane than other students. Therefore, I want to contribute my best effort in my limited time. As the result, I chose [the position] because funding and budgeting are crucial decision variables for any projects and organization. If I can effectively raise funds and distribute budget, the Freeman Student Government can create more beneficial events and activities for Tulane students, especially Freeman students.

Finally, I am also an international student, so I am always willing to help other international students. I understand the difficulties and the pressure of balancing between academic goals and culture exploring interest. I am confident that I will be a good fit for the International Student Mentor position, because of my experience and enthusiasm.

I really hope to get this position because it advances both my professional experience and personal interest. While becoming Vice President for Finance helps me improve my professional experience and contribute to Tulane community, the International Student Mentor [program] allows me to share my experience and advices that can enrich the Tulane experience of new international students.

Sophomore Autumn Gibbons

Since the beginning of my career as a student at Tulane University, I’ve been active in the Undergraduate Student Government, but specifically within the Finance committee. I have an unwavering love of being a part of making financial decisions and if elected, I will use my knowledge to help each organization on campus utilize the most out of their budget. Aside from USG, I am also involved in other organizations around campus and can firsthand understand the importance of allocating money and how it can transform ideas into realities. I want to be seen as a resource and a guide toward helping students understand the finances at Tulane University and how to utilize them. I promise to use my role as Vice President for Finance to help the greater student body, especially the non-financial thinkers, become more comfortable and more profitable with the money they have.

Sophomore John Rekucki

Accountability, Innovation, and Engagement: Tulane USG’s core values. I am accountable, responsible and punctual. I am innovative, creative and open-minded. Most of all, I am engaged in everything I do, and I am an engaging person. I will be committed and dedicated to my job, and I will do so with the help of my peers, whom I will work closely with.

As a finance and management double major, I know a lot about money and managing people. I am great with numbers, but I am even better with working directly with people and groups. I can make the difficult decisions when necessary.

I want Tulane to be the best it can be. I care about every club and organization on campus. I care about maintaining and improving the diversity and inclusive excellence that Tulane is known for. I care about every student’s health, individual interests and happiness.

This is an opportunity to serve my peers that I would cherish.

Junior Jimmy Skipton

My name is Jimmy Skipton, and I am running for Vice President for Finance for [USG] I am a junior, majoring in both finance and legal studies. I am currently a member of the USG finance committee and have been for the last year.

If elected VP for Finance, there are three key areas that I will focus on during my term:

  • I will work to continue the digitization of the budget process by adding travel requests and reimbursement requests to OrgSync;
  • I will create more opportunities for co-programming to give student organizations better access to increased funding for bigger events; and
  • I will increase the use of the reserve fund for capital improvement projects through a more proactive finance role.

I believe that with my experience on the USG finance committee, I will be able to appropriate the funds in the most efficient and productive manner. I will strive to allocate funding in an equitable and responsible way by working with leaders of student organizations, other USG members and members of the finance committee.

I would be proud to serve as your next Vice President for Finance, and I truly appreciate your support.

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