Tulane to install wireless printers across campus, replace current ones

Luisa Venegoni, Senior Staff Reporter

University Services has installed new printers in Howard-Tilton Memorial Library and plans to have at least one printer available in every residence hall by fall 2015.

In total, University Services plans to purchase 40-50 new printers to install around campus. These changes will provide new printing options to students on campus. A survey distributed by email in fall 2014 indicated that students’ primary concern regarding printing is printer locations, followed by printing costs and system dependability. 

Rob Hailey, senior associate vice president for University Services, said administrators are using this feedback to research and design alternate models for on-campus printing services.  

“One of the things was to put it all under one umbrella and to give more options for students as far as where they print and how they print,” Hailey said. “Part of that was requiring them to change how they pay for printing and how many are free or at a reduced price. There are a couple of models.”

Undergraduate Student Government began the requests for printing improvement. USG passed a resolution supporting the implementation of a new printing system in spring 2014 and has worked with University Services throughout last semester.

Beyond increasing the number of printers and printer locations, USG is working alongside Technology Services and Student Support Services to make sure these printers have wireless printing capabilities. They are also working to alter how print credits are distributed.

Under a proposed system, black and white printing prices could drop from 10 cents per page to around 3 cents per page, and color printing could drop from 70 cents per page to 20 cents per page. To cover these decreased prices, students would start with less than the current $25 printing allowance and have the option to add funds.

Sean Saxon, USG vice president for academic affairs, said he believes this initiative will improve the students’ overall experience in the library and throughout the residence halls.

“We’re very committed to making this happen as soon as we can,” Saxon said.  

Mike Britt, assistant vice president for University Services, said decisions surrounding the changes thus far have come from discussions between USG, Technology Services, Student Affairs, University Services and the Provost. Hailey said Tulane’s printing system is due for an upgrade. 

“I think [replacing the printers] is probably one of those things that Tulane’s needed to do for a long time,” Hailey said. “It would be good for us to figure out how to do it.”

Sophomore Carey Schafer said she thought the changes would be worth it in the long run. 

“Having $25 worth of printing credit every semester is definitely sufficient, but printers are inconveniently placed around campus,” Schafer said. “[If there were] printers in every dorm and wireless printing available it would make our lives much easier.” 

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