Simple Sage: Klepto in the kitchen

Dear Sage,

We think our roommate steals our food. We thought we settled the issue at our house meeting, but my other roommate found more food missing the next day. How do we talk to the hungry fridge thief?


Hopelessly Hungry


Hopelessly Hungry,

Popular culture leads us to believe college roommates share everything, including shoes, math homework and Netflix accounts. For many of us, our roommates quickly become replacement family members. The closer you are to your roommates, however, the harder it is to confront them when shared spaces become a free-for-all.

You’ve handled the situation maturely so far by holding a meeting. Perhaps, you can help establish rules in the kitchen by dividing shelves among the household members. That way, each person knows what food belongs to him or her. If you find your household klepto still eats your food, write your name on every carrot, Pop-Tart or beloved pint of red velvet ice cream. Nobody should have to feel resentment each time a roommate opens the fridge door.

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