District Hand Pie and Coffee Bar brings eclectic treats to Magazine Street

Sam Ergina, Staff Reporter

District Hand Pie and Coffee Bar, located at 5637 Magazine St., is the newest establishment of TurnChange, the organization behind the very successful District Donuts Sliders Brew that also resides on Magazine Street.

District Hand Pie and Coffee Bar is significantly smaller than its predecessor, with only a standing space across from the counter and some tables outside. The design maintains the hip vibes of its District Donuts, however, with beautiful wooden engraving and interesting artwork from WRDSMTH, a street artist from Los Angeles. The walls are adorned with cabinets filled with coffee, old-fashioned jugs, pickles and other eccentric assortments of random coffee-related items. The menu follows the same style as District Donuts Sliders Brew, providing a few key options updated daily.

The king cake pie is fantastic, as are the apple strudel and Kung Pao chicken pies. Their portions aren’t particularly large, and the pies are a little pricey for the quantity of food served. The menu has a vast coffee selection, making this spot as much a coffee and espresso bar as a home of delicious turnover pies.

The founder of TurnChange, Aaron Vogel, recently opened up this project along with a food truck whose profits all go towards Crossroads NOLA, a foster care advocacy agency. District Donuts Sliders Brew has been known for its interesting and unique flavor options, such as wedding cake and cherry basil. This is a tradition District Hand Pie and Coffee Bar continues with its savory options such as the Kung Pao chicken and rabbit pies. The pies are all hand-made and heated to order. The service is extremely kind and makes the experience all the more welcoming.

District Hand Pie and Coffee Bar is a great spot to pick up a nice snack while on a trip to Magazine Street.

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