Snapchat geofilters enhance selfie culture on Tulane’s campus

Selby White, Staff Reporter

Snapchat, a popular temporary photo sharing application, has fueled today’s selfie culture even more by adding a new feature called geofilters. With a recent update allowing individuals to design and submit their own geofilters, Snapchat can advertise people’s presence at The Boot, Reily Student Recreation Center, Phelps House and Howard-Tilton Memorial Library.

Geofilters are simple images that Snapchat users can place over a video or picture. Since July, senders have been able to attach geofilters to specific locations only available to people within a certain range, determined by the Global Positioning System. 

Now, however, anyone with a basic knowledge of Photoshop can send in suggestions that the Snapchat team can choose to approve, assigning them to the requested location.

Tulane sophomore Thatcher Gleason is the designer of the geofilter “Phelps Dorm” written in a cloudy, bubbly font.

“I just thought it would be funny if I made a geotag, and I’m good at Photoshop,” Gleason said. “It only took me about 10 minutes.”

Other filters boast phrases like “Let the Good Times Roll,” “I Like It Bruff” and “On a date with Howie T.”

Sophomore and frequent Snapchat user Caroline Mellen said she believes Tulane’s geotags make for great bragging rights.

“It’s a great way to show friends and family what you are up to,” Mellen said. “[The geotags] give a short-lived glimpse into your world … If something is funny enough, you’ll want to share it with everyone else.”

Geotags may be fun but since everyone can use them, some feel the filters quickly lose their novelty. Tulane sophomore Kelly Harmon said she believes the ones currently available are beginning to get old.

“Geotags add a fun spin on an already entertaining app,” Harmon said. “Unfortunately, the geotags quickly become overused, but they are a cool addition to pictures.”

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