Dr. Dog, Wavves to pack McAlister Auditorium Thursday


The band poses for a photo.

Laura Rostad, Associate Arcade Editor

This year’s fall concert will feature Dr. Dog with opening act Wavves. Doors open at 7 p.m. Thursday in McAlister Auditorium.

Philadelphia-based indie rock band Dr. Dog has performed its melodic musical collages since 1999. While the group independently recorded its first two releases, its past three albums with ANTI-Records show Dr. Dog’s strong progression and ever-growing cohesion. Its most recent album, “B-Room,” displays the band as a collective whole, with instrumentation and vocals flowing fluidly together.

The six-person ensemble features guitarist-vocalist Scott McMicken, bassist-vocalist Toby Leaman, rhythm guitarist Frank McElroy, keyboard player Zach Miller, drummer Eric Slick and multi-instrumentalist Dimitri Manos.

This winter Dr. Dog will embark on its Flamingo Hotel tour after its stop in New Orleans.

Wavves, the event opener, came into the world as the result of Nathan Williams’ pure boredom. After recording lo-fi music in his own bedroom, Williams uploaded his music online as Wavves and received praise and positive reviews.

Williams reciprocated his mounting fandom by digitally releasing his first two records, “Wavves” and “Wavvves.” Later Williams partnered with bassist Stephen Pope and drummer Billy Hayes to record the full-length album “King on the Beach.” Williams and Pope came out with a follow up EP “Life Sux” in 2011.

The duo independently recorded Wavves’ most recent album, “Afraid of Heights,” which was released in March 2013. 

Motifs of depression, anxiety, paranoia and impending doom are clearly expressed lyrically throughout the album. In the title track, Williams sings, “There’s nothing to prove/ There’s nothing to do/ There’s nowhere to go/ Got nothing to lose.”

Despite these gloomy lyrics and other strong elements of punk, the group balances its tunes with catchy beats and harmonies, and somehow still maintains an indie pop vibe.

Dr. Dog and Wavves will be welcome additions to Tulane Unversity Campus Programming’s already impressive repertoire of shows. In recent years, TUCP brought artists such as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Major Lazer and Joey Bada$$, Ben Folds and Childish Gambino.

TUCP’s concerts committee was operating with a smaller budget than usual.

“This semester we have an unusually small budget because we’re trying to save our funds for next semester’s concert, which is going to be larger and grander in scale,” TUCP concert co-chair Eunice Lee said.

The concert committee hired a production company to work as a middleman to the artists.

“The original process is coming up with the list and sending the list over to a production company who can tell us whether or not they’re available and what their price range is,” Lee said. “If they’re available and if they fit our price range, then we go ahead and we make an offer for them,” Lee said. “Dr. Dog was the most bang for our buck.” 

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