Drunk Mode application offers users a safer night out

Hannah Orr, Associate Views Editor

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Going out for a fun night of drinking with friends can sometimes involve the proverbial blackout experience. Drunk Mode, a new application for iPhone and Android, is something all students who drink should download.

Drunk Mode has several distinguishing features, including the ability to hide pre-selected contacts from the phone so the user can’t drunk dial them, as well as a feature called “Breadcrumbs,” which allows the user to see all the different locations they went to the night before.

The app is also a great tool for a sober friend in the group or a designated driver. If a person has the app open, their friends can find them via GPS through the app’s “Find My Drunk” option. This is a great function because it allows friends to keep track of each other, which can sometimes be difficult at a party or at a crowded event like Mardi Gras.

Though this app is great for anyone who chooses to use it, it is even more important for women. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, about one-half of sexual assault cases involve alcohol consumption by the victim, perpetrator or both. Drunk Mode is a good option for women because it helps everyone in the group stay smart, and be able to intervene if a friend needs help or strays away from the group. 

This app will help Tulane students because it offers them more control over their night when they go out. The ability to hide contacts prevents possible regrets and the other features allow friends to look out for each other. It can be difficult to remember to stay safe when having a fun time, but downloading Drunk Mode offers users the option of a safer and more enjoyable experience on nights out involving alcohol. 

Hannah Orr is a freshman in the Newcomb-Tulane College. She can be reached for comment at [email protected].

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