Wave of the Week with Nick Montana


Senior quarterback Nick Montana hands the ball off in a 12-3 win against Connecticut. Montana recorded his first start and win at Yulman stadium and will play against Central Florida Saturday, if redshirt freshman Tanner Lee is ruled out due to injury. 

Maggie O'Rear, Staff Reporter

Senior quarterback Nick Montana played in 11 games for Tulane last season, completing 53.4 percent of his passes while throwing 14 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Redshirt Freshman Tanner Lee eclipsed Montana on the depth chart this season and Montana is penciled in as the backup.

In Lee’s absence due to injury, Montana lead the Green Wave to a 12-3 win Saturday against Connecticut. The start was his first of the season and first in Yulman Stadium. He completed 19-for-26 for passes for 135 yards and had no interceptions.

Montana, son of Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana, is used to the spotlight. The Hullabaloo sat down with Montana to discuss life on and off the field. He spoke openly and modestly joked about his celebrity status at Tulane and expressed his interest in making the best of his time in New Orleans when the season finishes. 

The Hullabaloo: How does it feel being 1-0 in Yulman?

Nick Montana: It’s a really great feeling, just excited to be back out there and get a big win with the team.

Hull: Was [Joe Montana] here to watch you?

Montana: Yeah, my whole family came and a couple friends too, so they had a little tailgate action out there.

Hull: Did he give you any pointers?

Montana: I talked to him throughout the week, but mostly ‘just have fun and enjoy it’ and that’s what I try to do.

Hull: Would you say you’re a mentor to Tanner Lee?

Montana: I have no idea; I guess I’m older so I don’t know. That’s probably a better question for him.

Hull: Are you guys close?

Montana: Yeah we’re good friends. He’s a good kid. We’re always joking around on the field and off the field.

Hull: You seem like a pretty close family of quarterbacks.

Montana: Yeah we’re pretty tight knit.

Hull: So you know you’re a little bit of an urban legend around Tulane? Kind of a celebrity.

Montana: [Laughing] I did not know that.

Hull: So how’s your second year [at Tulane], is it different from your first at all?

Montana: I know my way around a little more and I guess last year I was in a couple freshman classes because I transferred in, so its nice being back in with senior classes. I’m enjoying it. I like Tulane a lot.

Hull: What’s your major?

Montana: Business management

Hull: Are you graduating this year?

Montana: In the spring.

Hull: I bet you’re excited about that.

Montana: Yeah I’m really excited. I mean its my last year and next semester I won’t have too much football going on so it’ll be fun to enjoy Tulane like everyone else.

Hull: You’ll get to finally enjoy New Orleans; do you have any idea what you’re doing after you graduate?

Montana: I have no idea, probably move back to San Francisco though. [I’ll] try to find a job out there. I haven’t really thought about it too much.

Hull: So are you a [San Francisco] Giants fan?

Montana: Yeah its good, we’re in the playoffs.

Hull: Back to your dad, how did he affect your decision to play football? It seems like your whole family is pretty involved in football since they came out to watch.

Montana: I played a bunch of sports growing up. I just ended up liking football more. He was really laid back, he never made me go out and do drills. It was always me asking him to come play with me outside. He kind of sat back and let me do whatever I wanted.

Hull: And your brother played as well?

Montana: Yeah he did, he played college football and then a short tryout with the 49ers. Now he’s working in San Francisco.

Hull: So you definitely want to stay in San Francisco with the whole family?

Montana: At least to start off, I really don’t know. Definitely California somewhere, but we’ll see.

Hull: What has been your favorite part about your Tulane experience?

Montana: I guess just meeting a lot of people from different places, a lot of east coast people. I don’t know, it’s just a fun mix of people. And obviously New Orleans is a really fun place to go to college.

Hull: How different is it from your California living?

Montana: A lot. The drinking is very relaxed out here. I don’t know, we’re in the south. It’s completely different; I don’t even know where to start.

Hull: What is the nightlife for Nick Montana?

Montana: [Laughing] I don’t know. I don’t go out that much especially right now with the season. I stay uptown usually unless I go to Pat O’s downtown. Nothing too crazy.

Hull: What’s your favorite [New Orleans] restaurant?

Montana: Damn, that’s tough. What’s the one on Magazine with the tacos? I can’t think of the name.

Hull: Rum House? [That’s a] fun place.

Montana: Yeah! 

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