St. Vincent sure to charge House of Blues with robotic ecstasy

Tyler Mead, Associate Arcade Editor

Bow down peasants, the robot goddess cometh. Otherworldly St. Vincent graces the House of Blues with its presence on Oct. 9.

The current tour is in promotion of the band’s latest album, “St. Vincent.” Led by front woman Annie Clark, St. Vincent will undoubtably bring the house down with its unique brand of alternative rock.

Listed as one of’s best albums of the year so far, “St. Vincent” is an aural masterpiece. Each track is beautifully unique while still creating a sense of cohesion among the album.

The album’s two singles, “Birth in Reverse” and “Digital Witness,” as seen performed on “Saturday Night Live,” are sure to be show stopping blow outs. “Birth in Reverse,” the second track on the album, is arguably the standout hit.

With lyrics “oh what an ordinary day, take out the garbage, masturbate” and beautiful integration of synthesizers and quick beats, “Birth in Reverse” is the easiest track to rock out to. Annie Clarke demonstrates her impressive vocal range throughout the song, killing high notes in every repetition of the chorus.

“Digital Witness,” on the other hand, utilizes a genuinely funky digital horn section, which constitute one of the more electronic tracks on the album. Audience members are sure to get a heavy dose of Clarke’s face-melting guitar talent while witnessing the song.

Other notable tracks from her new album include the slow, yet mesmerizing “Prince Johnny,” and electric lullaby “I Prefer Your Love.” St Vincent is also sure to play some of its hits from past albums “Strange Mercy,” “Actor” and “Marry Me.”

St. Vincent has a history of impressive stage presence. While performing on “Saturday Night Live” Clarke moved in perfect unison with her bass player for the entire set. Their robotic shuffling creates the illusion of an animatronic performance. Clarke is also known for her personal interaction with the audience, sometimes going so far as to “retell” stories of the audience’s intimate past experiences.

Tickets are $37.00 for regular admission; a low price to finally be made complete by the brilliance that is St. Vincent.

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