Wave of the Week with Lorenzo Doss


Junior cornerback Lorenzo Doss talks with Junior Darion Monroe against Central Florida, Saturday Oct. 23. Doss intercepted his second pass of the season and has 14 total interceptions in his Tulane football career.  

Jonathan Harvey, Online Sports Editor

Junior cornerback Lorenzo Doss intercepted his No. 14 career pass Saturday against Central Florida. Doss has 2 interceptions this year, and is considered one of Tulane’s stop NFL prospects. 

Doss played wide receiver at St. Augustine High school, but head coach Curtis Johnson saw potential in Doss as a cornerback, and Doss has flourished in his role. 

Opposing quarterbacks hardly threw in his direction last season, for good reason. He intercepted 7 passes last season and deflected 9 passes in Conference-USA play.

He received second-team All-America honors from Sports Illustrated, USA Defensive Player of the Year recognition by SB Nation and College Sports Madness, and won the Louisiana Defensive Player of the Year award. 

The Hullabaloo sat down with Doss to talk about the season so far, his NFL dreams and his leadership. Oh, and he says he’s the best Madden and NCAA Football gamer on the team. 

The Hullabaloo: How would you grade your season so far?

Lorenzo Doss: I would grade it pretty good, I mean everything’s been working out so far. I would say everything is pretty good. We started off slow as a team, but everything is on cue so far. We’ve been looking good lately. 

Hull: Last year a lot of quarterbacks didn’t even want to throw in your direction, this year a lot of people are going at you, what do you think about that?

Doss: It’s a part of football, I never figured that they would stop coming at me, its part of the game. I embrace the challenge, and so far I have 2 interceptions, and as long as they keep coming at me, I’m going to keep making plays and keep getting interceptions.

Hull: Do you consider yourself a lockdown corner?

Doss: Yeah, I definitely consider myself as a lockdown corner just by working, by making plays on the field and just have a knack for the ball. So yeah, I consider myself a lockdown.

Hull: What was it like going against Ryan Grant last year at practice?

Doss: It was great; I always embrace the challenge of going against one of the best receivers. He was the best receiver in the conference, on our team and one of the best in college football. It was a great opportunity going against him everyday.

Hull: You yourself came into Tulane wanting to be a wide receiver, can you talk about that?

Doss: Throughout high school I was a full time receiver and when I signed [head coach Curtis Johnson] and [secondary coach Jason] Rollins told me I could play cornerback and moved me as soon as I got here and it worked out for the best.

Hull: Is it true your parents weren’t happy with the move?

Doss: Yeah, at first they were kind of upset about it because I was a real good receiver and could play at the next level, but once they told me I was going to be a cornerback, they just had to go with it, and now they are happy with it.

Hull: Did [your parents] talk to CJ?

Doss: Yeah, we all met with CJ and that’s just part of the recruiting. He sat me down and just told me he saw potential in me as a cornerback and it’s working out.

Hull: What’s it like playing in Yulman [Stadium]?

Doss: Its great, the fans and the student section… it’s been awesome. Each week we get the support that we need at the stadium. It feels like a true college experience now playing at Yulman.

Hull: What’s it like compared to the Super Dome, to have the students here? What does that mean to you?

Doss: The Super Dome was great and being able to play in the Super Dome where the Saints play was great, but playing in Yulman has just been a different level. The students have been great; they’ve had our back no matter what. The fans have been awesome, and you can’t ask for a better place to play.

Hull: What’s it like playing for CJ?

Doss: He’s a great coach; he has an NFL mindset and knows how to get players to the next level. He knows what he’s talking about and each day I try to listen to him and pick up on something so I could bring my game to another level and be able to play at the next level. 

Hull: What are your plans for the NFL? Do you think you would want to forgo your senior season or would you want to finish school first?

Doss:  I haven’t decided that yet, I’ll probably decide at the end of this season. I’m just trying to focus right now on the season and play it out. 

Hull: How does CJ help you become more professional and take that step? 

Doss: By the little things like watching film, playing on the field, and on different things he tells me off the field. I really can’t explain it; he’s just [got] a swagger. Being around CJ, we learn how to conduct ourselves as NFL players. 

Hull: Do you consider yourself a leader in the locker room?

Doss: Yeah, I consider myself a leader. I don’t say much but I lead by example.

Hull: Who is the most vocal in the locker room?

Doss: That’s a good question, on the defense [junior safety] Darion Monroe is a vocal leader and leads by example, and players watch what he’s does, he’s just a great leader. 

Hull: Darion Monroe has really stepped up this year; can you talk about his development?

Doss: He always makes plays. He’s the type of guy who knows a play is going to be made by him in the game, a big play, so he’s just a great leader and teammate.

Hull: Off the field, what is Lorenzo Doss like? 

Doss: I’m a laidback type of person; I don’t do much, just try to layback and enjoy the scene. I don’t really go that many places.

Hull: Do you have any other hobbies outside of football? [Sophomore linebacker] Nico Marley says he’s a big gamer, do you play with Nico?

Doss: [Laughts] I play the game.

Hull: Which games?

Doss: College football NCAA, Madden. I’m currently undefeated in Madden so I feel as though I can’t be beat.

Hull: Do you think you’re the best on the team?

Doss: Oh, definitely. I joke around with my teammates all the time about that I have never lost at Madden so far.

Hull: Who has been your toughest opponent? 

Doss: In college football it’s been [freshman cornerback] Donnie Lewis, but in Madden, I haven’t really had a tough opponent yet.

Hull: What’s your team in Madden?

Doss: I play with anybody; I change up the team every time I play. I don’t really have a favorite team. 

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