This Halloween weekend, dress like a member from Tulane Athletics


Football head coach Curtis Johnson pacing the sidelines in the 31-6 loss against Rutgers Sept. 27, in Piscataway, New Jersey. Johnson consistently wears the black sunglass, flat-rim hat look each game.  

Jordan Figueredo, Associate Sports Editor

With Halloween right around the corner, many students are still looking for that perfect costume for the weekend festivities. If you are one of those students silently panicking about what to dress as and your cat costume looks a little cliché, search no further. 

This Halloween, if you covet the title of best dressed, and more importantly, the most Instagram likes, consider dressing as one a members of the Tulane Athletic department.  

Emanating the various looks of football quarterback Tanner Lee, football head coach Curtis Johnson, basketball head coach Ed Conroy, basketball senior forward Tre Drye or sophomore forward/guard Josh Hearlihy, will surely gain you some attention.

To achieve the look of Tanner Lee, the first thing you need is not a material item, but rather an air of confidence, with that sense of “cool” Johnson raves about. To achieve the look of the Green Wave quarterback one must walk, talk and act with an air of certainty.

When it comes to the actual costume, wearing a No. 12 Tulane football jersey is a must, as well as accessorizing with a football. It also wouldn’t hurt to put a little eye black on and a towel tucked in your pants to finalize this look.

To dress as Johnson, the necessary accessories include black glasses, a green Tulane polo, a headset, and since it is October, rock a pink flat-rim hat. Don’t forget to call every single college student you meet “cool” or inform them how much of a “swagger” they have about them, and then the outfit will be convincing. 

Conroy’s dress is similar to that of Johnson, just with a few minor adjustments. To dress as our head basketball coach, a Tulane jacket and athletic pants are a must. Accessorize with a whistle around you neck, a clipboard in one hand and a large Firm and Burn smoothie from Smoothie King in the other. Conroy loves Smoothie King so much; he’s basically a walking advertisement at this point. 

Forward Tre Drye has a look that will evoke envious glares wherever your Halloween festivities may take you. There are two ways to achieve this look. First off, you could opt for the more athletic look with a Tulane t-shirt, Adidas athletic pants, Adidas shoes, and a classic black headband. 

For an easier option, jeans and a button down will suffice, but make sure to have the classic Tre Drye insta poses going all night long. Whichever outfit you choose, impersonating Tre Drye requires a strong social media game.

Lastly, dress as Josh Hearlihy if you crave some attention. To dress as the platinum blonde 6’8 forward/guard, wear a big jacket with the hood up throughout the night or, for a more festive look, a gnome sweater. Accessories include black crocs, khaki cargo shorts, and a gallon of water in your hand the entire night.

If you want that extra point, walk around with a sharpie and offer to give people your autograph, since what athlete doesn’t love singing things for random people?

All these costumes are sure to compliment those involved in athletics, because in the end mimicry really is the sincerest form of flattery.

Whichever athletic member you end up as, it is sure to be a memorable costume. Who knows? You may convey a better Hearlihy than Josh Hearlihy himself.

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