Philanthropic Ziggy Marley set to perform House of Blues

Magda Jurczuk, Staff Reporter

At 9 p.m. on Tuesday reggae artist David Nesta Marley, or “Ziggy” Marley, will grace the stage of the New Orleans House of Blues.

Despite his surname’s unmistakable reminder of the late and great reggae legend that is his father, Ziggy has been cultivating a legacy of his own. From political activism and working with the United Nations to authoring the comic book “Marijuanaman,” the artist proves to be a man of many interests and capabilities.   

The majority of Ziggy’s musical and philanthropic efforts are centered on child welfare and youth empowerment. He founded the program Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment to help children in Jamaica and Ethiopia and is an honorary member of Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit organization that provides free musical instruments and lessons for public school children across the country. Last month he released an EP titled “Lighthouse” for the charity Heart of Los Angeles, which empowers underserved youth by providing free academic, artistic and athletic programs.

Marley’s musical successes include his 1996 reggae cover of “Believe in Yourself,” the theme song to the children’s show “Arthur” that has recently been re-popularized by Chance the Rapper. He has also earned four Grammy awards, including Best Musical Album for Children for his solo album Family Time in 2009.

The versatility of his music has allowed for collaborations with artists like Sting, The Chieftains, Sean Paul and even the show “Dora the Explorer.” His voice has proven conducive not only to music but also to animated movie voice-overs, including for the character of Ernie in “Shark Tale” in 2004.

Ziggy typically includes Bob Marley covers on the set list in addition to his own music. During live performances he is known to interact gracefully with his fans, dance onstage and play the bongos. It is possible that the New Orleans House of Blues crowd gets to see more of the Marley clan; Ziggy had recently brought his children up on stage at a venue in Detroit, Michigan, a sight reminiscent of the artist’s own childhood experiences on stage with his father.

A Ziggy Marley concert is arguably the closest thing to witnessing the greatness of Bob Marley, and his Tuesday night performance in the French Quarter is assuredly not one to be missed. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m. 

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