Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity to recolonize at Tulane

Amanda Verdi, Staff Reporter

The previously inactive professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi is recolonizing at Tulane this fall. 

Delta Sigma Pi is a fraternity for students pursuing careers in business, with membership open exclusively to business and economics majors. It aims to provide networking opportunities, leadership development and fraternal values with other business students, according to the organizations’s website. Delta Sigma Pi hopes to inaugurate its first pledge class and be an active chapter at Tulane by the end of the spring semester.

Getting officially recognized by the fraternity’s national headquarters is a major concern for Delta Sigma Pi President Benjamin Froman. To be recognized by nationals, the Tulane chapter has to complete a certain amount of professional events, social events and community service.

“Once we get those required numbers, that’s when we’re going to initiate our first pledge class,” Froman said. 

Delta Sigma Pi was established at Tulane in 1949. The Tulane chapter had been inactive for many years until recent reinstatement efforts. Now the organization, led by Froman and a group of impassioned business students, plans to assert its position as a powerful force in the business community on Tulane’s campus.

“We’re very active,” Froman said. “We have to be, and we want to be. We’re getting ready to keep on raising the bar. We’re trying to be the best we can be in terms of bringing the chapter back to Tulane.”

Froman said the strength of the Delta Sigma Pi alumni network throughout the country is not to be discounted.

“There [are] over 200 chapters across the nation at lots of major schools,” Froman said. “The networking is there. Just because we’re new here does not mean that the connections are new.”

One main focus of Delta Sigma Pi is a dedication to diverse brotherhood. The Tulane chapter of Delta Sigma Pi plans to uphold the values of the fraternity by reaching out to other organizations on campus to augment diversity.

“One of the biggest goals is to create an environment where everyone is accepted and everyone is represented,” Froman said.

The first Delta Sigma Pi pledge class will be composed of those who have stayed committed to the organization and participated in events. General meetings are open to all business and economics majors. The next Delta Sigma Pi general meeting will be 4:30 p.m. Sunday on the first floor of Mayer Residences.

“We’re looking for input,” Froman said. “We’re looking for people to have a voice. We’re not just looking for people to join to increase dues or increase our numbers – we’re looking for people to join because they want to be active, they want to be a part of something new and they want to shake things up around Tulane a little bit.” 

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