Student claims third party falsely reported armed robbery

Amanda Verdi, Associate News Editor

Reports claiming that a Tulane student was robbed at 3 p.m. Saturday at 835 Broadway St. are false, Jon Barnwell, Tulane University Police Department Superintendent, said.

TUPD sent out an initial crime alert Saturday, which stated that a Tulane student was robbed by a suspect brandishing a weapon in broad daylight. An updated crime alert was released Sunday, which revealed that the initial report was false and that no robbery had actually occurred.

Hilal Williams, New Orleans Police Department public information officer, said a third party called NOPD to report the robbery without the student’s knowledge. The student told detectives that he lost his phone and that he never asked anyone to call the police or report a robbery. At this time, NOPD has not charged the student for falsifying the report.

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