New Wall faculty in residence aims to meet students beyond classroom


Professor Carrie Wyland moved into Wall Residential College this summer with her husband and two children. She is the new faculty in residence in Wall. 

Selby White, Contributing Reporter

Unlike most professors, Carrie Wyland lives on campus with many of her students. Besides being a senior professor of nine years, she is also the new professor-in-residence in Wall Residential College. 

Eager to engage with students, she encourages her fellow Wall residents to simply drop by just to say hello or talk. 

“I just want the students to know that I am approachable,” Wyland said. 

Wyland moved into Wall as the professor-in-residence in July. She said she is excited to begin arranging programs for Wall residents. She hopes to host a barbecue in the upcoming weeks as well as dinners at her apartment for students. 

“A lot of my goals are to do things that bring students into a more [family-based] environment,” Wyland said.

Wyland brings the family atmosphere to Wall with more than just her welcoming attitude. Her husband, toddler and 10-day-old baby live with her. 

As a social psychologist who focuses mainly on how we think about ourselves and how we view other people, Wyland said she appreciates students in a holistic way. She said she understands that students have a lot more going on than what happens in the classroom. 

“Thinking about the college experience beyond the classroom walls is really important and I wish I had more of those opportunities,” Wyland said.

Wyland said her favorite thing about Tulane are the students that motivate her. 

“I feel that so many of my students are just really engaged and community-oriented and that’s very inspiring to me,” Wyland said. “I talk to some of my students about what they want to do and how they want to teach and I think that’s so amazing to see such positive energy and motivation and [community-focused] mindset.” 

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