Bass Drum of Death brings explosive garage rock set to Siberia

K. Matthew Correa, Contributing Reporter

Bass Drum of Death’s performance on Tuesday at Siberia started off more like an underwhelming burn rather than an elbow-your-neighbor-in-the-face-before-the–band-even-gets-the-crowd-going sort of experience.

With lead singer John Barrett’s vocals practically drowning in reverberations and more fuzz and feedback than your worst Sunn amplifier, Bass Drum of Death operated predictably.

This debacle set sail when the band found its groove with the opening notes of “Get Found,” perhaps its most famous single to date. Halfway into the set, the drummer lost his shirt in the heat that Siberia’s notoriously poor air conditioning could not prevent. The band’s stage presence was certainly the highlight of the night. The group was cool yet careful, laid-back yet determined and slacking, but with an inexplicable sense of attitude. 

With a sea of hair dampened with stale Pabst Blue Ribbon, one could sense the crowd breathe deep with relief and sigh of satisfaction.

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