Washed Out set to perform intimate House of Blues show

Laura Rostad, Staff Reporter

Washed Out, comprised of Ernest Greene, and an accompanying band, will play at 8 p.m. on Sept. 10 at House of Blues.

Washed Out’s dreamy sound works like a puzzle with many pieces. The underlying electronic layers include elements of hip-hop, techno and indie pop combined with subdued vocals to create a serene aural landscape. Music critics often categorize Greene’s music in the chillwave genre with the likes of other groups such as Neon Indian and Toro Y Moi.

In 2009, Washed Out released his first EP, “Life of Leisure,” which includes six dreamy, electro-pop dance tracks. Washed Out gained notoriety in 2011 when the television series “Portlandia” chose “Feel It All Around” as its theme song. He subsequently signed with Sub Pop Record Label. 

In August 2013, Washed Out’s most recent album marked a shift in sound. “Paracosm,” a term meaning a fantasy world imagined in one’s mind, marches a seamless journey through Greene’s creative world. Washed Out expands his range of sound to make the album warmer and happier. Cheerful background noise can be found throughout the album: birds chirping, bells and chimes, and people happily talking amongst each other.

In addition to using computer and synths, Greene incorporates live instrumental recordings from more than 50 different instruments, such as vintage keyboards and harps. By including live instruments in the recording and production process, Washed Out’s live shows transition from a DJ set to a live band with drums, guitar and keyboard. 

The songs on “Paracosm” embody a motif of tranquility, while lyrics such as “Meet up with the old crowd/Music’s playing so loud/It all feels right,” emphasize enjoying the moment.

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