Michael Moore to serve as professor-in-residence in Weatherhead Hall

Olivia Manz, Staff Reporter

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering Michael Moore and his family moved in to Weatherhead Hall in July to serve as the professor-in-residence for the living-learning community. 

Moore said that he was excited about the idea of professors living as part of undergraduate communities since he first learned of them.

“When I first came to Tulane seven years ago, I had read about the professor-in-residence program and I was intrigued about it immediately,” Moore said. “It just sounded like a really neat program where the students would have kind of an informal, almost community-level interaction with a faculty member.”

Moore said he was inspired to contribute to undergraduate life on campus after having a fulfilling four years in his own college community. 

“Personally, I had such a great experience living on campus when I was an undergrad,” Moore said. “I had this community of friends and we all lived together and we ate together and we just had a great time and I just thought how great it would be to extend that experience as a professor, as a faculty member to duplicate that experience living on campus.” 

Moore said that he sees the experience of living as a professor-in-residence enriching the way he approaches his own work, beginning with a roundtable talk he will be giving to the community.

“It’s a very different talk than I’m used to giving and it’ll be I think a little bit more accessible to people of all disciplines,” Moore said. “When I’m doing my work, when I’m teaching my courses, when I’m doing my research, I’m just surrounded by people that have the exact same training as me, we’re all mostly biomedical engineers.”

Moore’s family also enjoys living on campus, and like many students, his children enjoy campus dining options.

“[Eating on campus] is a new experience for my wife and kids so they love eating at [Bruff],” Moore said. 

Moore says that his appreciation for undergraduate education is also what drew him to Tulane and why he enjoys his work. 

“I really value undergraduate teaching but at the same time, I am really committed to my research. To be perfectly honest, there are really not that many places that really try to excel at both, that really try to be a top-tier research institution and at the same time really actually care about undergraduates,” Moore said.  

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