Tulane Dining and Food Services to debut Ironsides Waffles food truck

Maricela Murillo, Contributing Reporter

Starting at 9 a.m. Sept. 16, Tulane University Dining Services will debut its new Ironsides Waffles food truck at the corner of Freret Street and McAlister Drive. The truck will be parked in the same spot every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“The first 50 customers will receive an Ironsides T-shirt,” said Chef Thomas Beckmann, general manager of Tulane University Dining Services. “Every time a guest wears their T-shirt to Ironsides, they will receive $1 off their order. A T-shirt that’s a coupon! Only at Tulane.”

The food truck’s menu includes both savory and sweet dishes like “The Sidekick” which includes a piece of fried chicken, southern coleslaw and a drizzle of maple syrup wrapped in a waffle.

“We are constantly looking for ways to bring new and fun dining experiences to campus,” Beckmann said. “Food trucks have enjoyed mainstream popularity for a few years now, and a truck allows us to go to where students are on the move and want a quick snack or a full, fast meal.”

Freshman Xavier Aguilar sampled some of the truck’s food at its soft opening at Friday’s event, Reily Rocks.

“It was very interesting,” Aguilar said. “I had heard of chicken and waffles before but never chicken and waffles in a sandwich. It was good.”

Ironsides itself is not meant to compete with any local food trucks or any other residential dining services Loyola University New Orleans and Tulane University offer.

“Our intent is to bring more variety to campus, not to compete with food trucks. We still have other local food trucks on campus,” Beckmann said. “Ironsides is a retail concept designed to complement resident dining. We take Wavebucks, and we want to take Wolf Bucks once we can work out the technology, since our payment system is Wi-Fi-based.”

As for Aguilar, he said he will definitely be back for another taste of Ironsides.

“I think [the truck] is a good idea,” Aguilar said. “A lot of people seem to enjoy the sandwiches.”

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