Marco Benevento to perform at Crawfest

Laura Rostad

Multi-instrumentalist Marco Benevento will play from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday on the Gapsa Stage. Benevento will combine his piano abilities with bassist Dave Dreiwitz and drummer Andy Borger in order to create a rare yet cozily familiar musical experience. Benevento primarily plays acoustic piano but layers his sound with analog keyboards and synths. He also experiments with effect pedals, circuit bent toys and guitar amplifiers to expand his range of sound. Benevento’s work far transcends simple singer-songwriter fare. By applying such effects to his music, Benevento becomes free to vacillate between moods, aesthetics and genres seamlessly. On his 2012 album, “TigerFace,” Benevento worked with an array of musicians, including drummers, bassists, a violinist and a saxophonist, in order to create an eclectic sound. He also integrated a vocalist into two of his songs for the first time. Benevento doesn’t seem to fit perfectly into one genre, but his sound might be explained as a mix of jazz and rock. Benevento employs the sort of free-wheeling and spontaneous attitude that colors jazz music with the structure and cathartic release native to rock ‘n’ roll. These are little more than signposts on a complex trail, however. The synths and various homemade electronic instruments launch Benevento’s music into space, touching upon the myriad of nested subgenres currently thriving within the electronic music scene. Other past releases include “Between the Needle and Nightfall” in 2010, “Me Not Me” in 2009 and “Invisible Baby” in 2008.

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