“It’s okay to be white” signs found on campus this morning


Signs were found this morning in residence halls, academic buildings, and on the homecoming windows for multicultural organizations.

Students found signs reading “It’s okay to be white” posted throughout campus this morning. The signs were posted in residence halls, academic buildings, bulletin spaces and on multicultural organizations’ homecoming windows at the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life. Several signs have been removed.

The signs do not carry the authorization stamp required to hang posters in residence halls. The LBC has been notified of the signs and has been removing them.

“We received notification this morning about three “it’s Okay to Be White” signs taped to the front windows of the LBC,” LBC Director Heather Seaman said. ” Upon notification, they were immediately taken down as they violated our signage policies for the LBC.  This is our standard practice for any signs that are posted on the building without approval.  Since then, we were informed that there were additional signs posted in other campus locations.  We are coordinating and sharing information with other campus partners at this time.”

Tulane offices and administrators remain unclear about who is behind the signage. According to Mike Strecker, executive director for Tulane public relations, President Mike Fitts’ office is currently reviewing available video surveillance footage to determine the responsible parties.

“We believe these signs were posted at Tulane as part of a national campaign” Strecker said. “To state the obvious, it is “okay” to be any race.We have no idea who posted the signs, but that person is obviously not speaking for Tulane University. Tulane is firmly committed to diversity and to supporting every member of our community.”

This story is developing and will be updated as more information is made available. For additional coverage, click here and follow @hullnewsTU on Twitter.

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