Views: Letter from the Views Editor: Always been here to piss you off

Dear Tulane Community,

Throughout my four years at Tulane, I have found great pleasure in writing for the Views section. As I honed my writing skills, I worked my way up the ladder to Associate Views Editor and now, Views Editor. My learning and my experience have hopefully helped me accomplish my main goal for the year, a goal I hope many of you have seen: to single-handedly alienate the entire campus.

Yes, it’s true. All I have ever wanted for this section is to fill it with as much controversy as possible. I have sought out writers with the most liberal snowflake-y opinions as can be, opinions so ridiculous so that readers can only read the articles and think, “This is absolutely ridiculous!”

The beauty of controversial opinions is that there are two sides to them. While there have been readers who scoff at our articles, it is just as amusing to find readers who rally behind what we publish. It fuels the flame of polarized controversy, of unhealthy discourse that allows chaos to ensue.

And why would we want anything other than chaos on campus? Why would we want to bring people together to productively discuss issues? As soon as people from different ideological perspectives behave with one another and begin raising important issues, our work is done.

The day ideological diversity becomes acceptable on this campus is the day the Views section dies. This threat is the reason why I have recruited only the most liberal writers to express their opinions and stir the proverbial pot so we can watch the world burn.

And there you have it, Tulane. I hope I have enlightened you all on my intentions as Views Editor. As I leave Tulane in the coming weeks, I hope to leave it the same way I found it: a tremendous mess.


Daniel Horowitz

Daniel doesn’t care about what you think about his opinions, but anyone who disagrees with him can find him and tell him to his face.

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