TableTalk brings new discussion with gun violence walk-in


Courtesy of Ellie Golding

President of TableTalk Ellie Golding hopes to register the organization through USG or Newcomb-Tulane College by fall 2018.

TableTalk is a nonprofit organization that aims to bring together different types of people and organizations for constructive discussions on topics and issues facing society today.

The organization is founded on the idea that students often end up in self-segmented conversations, where like-minded individuals orbit the same ideas and groups without variation. TableTalk hopes to foster relationships outside of immediate friend groups and create a space to share different ideas and perspectives.

“Having an organization that brings people together to talk where they wouldn’t necessarily be brought together otherwise is important,” said freshman Ellie Golding, chapter founder and president of TableTalk. “Also with the Climate Survey and the talks recently about the racism on campus … I think that there’s not a better time than now for something that opens dialogue.”

Founded by two students at Emory University in 2013, TableTalk has continued expanding to more universities and high schools across the nation. It is set apart from many discussions-based organizations because of its style of discussion.

The organization has three initiatives; TableTalk, CampusCouches and TableTalk (X). These formats were created to foster meaningful conversation in a variety of ways.

“The idea is you’d table with couches and you have a theme and people could come and sit and talk,” Golding said. “And so it’s just whoever you’re walking by with and then you have me or other members of our club there to kind of ask questions and instigate the conversation and keep it flowing.”

TableTalk co-hosted their first event with BridgeTulane this Wednesday in Gibson Hall from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The “Walk In” conversation centered on gun safety and held a forum for students of all viewpoints and political backgrounds to come and voice their opinions.

“We’re trying to create less polarization and more collaboration and a way to do that is through respectful discussion and productive discussion that’s hopefully not politically charged,” Golding said

Currently not recognized as a Tulane organization, Golding hopes that the Tulane TableTalk chapter will be registered through either Undergraduate Student Government or Newcomb College by Fall 2018. The organization plans to collaborate with many organizations on Tulane’s campus and encourages community involvement.  

“These conversations aren’t me versus you,” Social Chair Riley Hamburg, said. “I feel like a lot of the disconnect with these kinds of conversations is just one person doesn’t understand how another person feels … you see that you know time and time again whether it’s differences in race, gender, sexuality, class.”

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