Athletics, Sodexo start Grilleing at Yulman Stadium

Daisy Rymer | Sports Layout Editor

Yulman Stadium has been the pride of the Tulane Athletics community for several years. Now, with the opening of the new “Green Wave Grille,” the Stadium will serve yet another purpose for the Athletics department as it takes on the role of an athlete’s kitchen.

The “Green Wave Grille,” as it has been dubbed, was opened by Tulane University and Sodexo this past summer.  As the new athletics-specific dining hall, the facility has been particularly designed to cater to the needs of athletes. Thus, the Grille features amenities such as protein carving stations and “fueling” stations which provide nutrients necessary for high-level competition.

While the department labeled proper nutrition as the primary reason for the venture, Tulane’s Ben Weiner Director of Athletics Troy Dannen also emphasized the importance of the new facility in creating a sense of community within the department.

“Part of the purpose behind it is we have five of our seventeen sports compete on campus,” Dannen said. “There is really no sense of community in athletics, it kind of comes here and goes. This was a chance to build relationships and community within the department.”

With the opening of the new facility, athletes are no longer permitted to utilize the University’s other dining halls, such as Bruff Commons, Bruff-to-Go or Le Gourmet. Dannen said that this requirement for student-athletes will not hinder their ability to share meals with friends and peers.

“The reality of how Bruff was used by the student-athletes or really any student group is they were going as a group and eating together,” Dannen said. “Their schedules aligned, and so it is not a lot different than how it was before from that standpoint.”

Although the new dining hall primarily serves Tulane’s almost 350 student-athletes, the rest of the student body is allowed to dine at the new facility as well using their Bruff swipes.

Student-athletes are now offered two new meal plan options, Yulman Unlimited and Yulman 8. Freshman and sophomore athletes, as well as all on-campus scholarship athletes, are required to have the Yulman Unlimited plan, while off-campus scholarship athletes are given the option of choosing the Yulman 8 plan. Non-scholarship upperclassmen who live off campus are given the options of the Yulman Unlimited, Yulman 8 or opting out of a meal plan altogether.

Though the new facility will aid in relieving in the long lines at Bruff, Dannen explains the main focus is on the students.

“One, you want to make sure their nutritional needs are met some of them have unique nutritional needs and dietary restrictions,” Dannen said. “The community piece is really important. When we sell Tulane to a recruit, the community of Tulane is part of what you sell. That is something you sell to potential students.”

The 14,811 square foot dining hall officially opened Aug. 24 and is located in the Multi-Purpose Room of Yulman Stadium. For more information regarding the new facility and its amenities, visit

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