CPS vandalized, “Black Lives Matter” signs obstructed

A graduate assistant for the Center for Public Service noticed yesterday that “Black Lives Matter” signs put in windows of Program Managers Ben Brubaker and Nicole Ralston’s office had been vandalized from the outside. The word “Black” had been spray painted over with black spray paint on both signs.

The Office of Institutional Equity was contacted, and a Tulane University concerns was filed. In response, detectives from the Tulane University Police Department came over today to assess the scene and will be reviewing video footage of the area.

black lives matter
Sanjali De Silva | Senior Staff Photographer
“Black Lives Matter” sign outside Program Manager Ben Brubaker’s window was vandalized for the second time this year.

“It’s obviously pretty disturbing,” Ralston said.

The incident began last July when Brubaker first put up his “Black Lives Matter” sign. The incident was reported at the time and the Office of Institutional Equity responded saying TUPD had been contacted and was reviewing security footage. The office didn’t hear anything from TUPD following the events this summer.

Ralston had put up a larger sign in her window in response to the vandalism, but her sign was also vandalized in the recent events. She has now put another Black Lives Matter sign higher on the window, in hopes vandals will not be able to reach it.

There is an open and ongoing investigation into the CPS vandalism.

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