NOLA News in Brief

Sophie Brams, Associate News Editor

Students are finally settling back in classes. Temperatures are dropping all around the country. Here are the four major stories going on in New Orleans as January draws to a close.

On Jan. 27, the sixth annual King Cake Festival was held in Champions Square. There was a little something for every king cake lover, from traditional to waffle-based. Festival attendees had the opportunity to pick their favorite treats, and the top three winners were, respectively: Cannata’s King Cakes, Sugar Love Cakes and Ricky Meche’s Donut King.

A new New Orleans police chief was sworn in on Jan. 18. Shaun Ferguson did not always dream of becoming a cop, and at first only took the job because it was a steady paycheck and the force was hiring. He went on to serve as the commander of the education and training division for seven months. Now, 20 years later, Ferguson said his main goal is to bring more people to justice and bring closure to more families.

Feb. 3 is Super Bowl Sunday and Saints fans all over the city can participate in boycott second lines. After the no-call pass interference in the NFC championship game that led to a Rams victory over the Saints, fans are not looking to watch Super Bowl 53. Instead, supporters can take part in two parades happening around the city. The uptown parade will begin at the Kingpin Bar at 4:30 p.m., while the French Quarter parade will kick off at 2 p.m. at Jackson Square.

After 23 years, the Regional Transit Authority’s longest-serving commissioner has retired. Earline Roth, who was appointed to the RTA in September 1995, attended her last board meeting on Tuesday. Throughout her career, Roth was a strong advocate for easier access to public transportation for disabled persons and senior citizens. Roth said, despite her leaving the post, she will not stop her activism. She expressed hope and support for the remaining board members.

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