Getcha heart in the game: Sporty dates for you and your valentine

Bella Baff, Associate Sports Editor

It’s Valentine’s Day. You forgot to make a reservation at that one trendy restaurant your date likes on Magazine, and you have no chance at getting in anywhere halfway decent. Before you give up and overspend on a “You Pick Two” at Panera, try something new: a “half-sports” date.

Half-sports are activities that you can’t really call sports in good conscience, and don’t really make you break a sweat at all, but still involve exercise or games in some way. What could be better for Valentine’s Day than some friendly competition? Why talk awkwardly over dinner when you could actually go do something?

Below is a list of some last minute date ideas that involve sports and sport-like activities, conveniently located right here in New Orleans.

Dave and Buster’s (Central Business District)

Why is Dave and Buster’s first? Well, besides the fact that it is probably the greatest place on earth, it has the most variety. With air hockey, life-size Fruit Ninja, basketball shooting and much more, you and your date can battle it out or play as a team. What’s more, after you Eat. Drink. Play.™, you can impress your date by turning in your tickets for a a stuffed animal or mug. Plus, if it gets awkward, you don’t have to talk. Actually, it’s really hard to talk because it is super loud.

Mini Golf (City Park)

Even though it’s obvious why mini golf is a stellar option, I’ll say it: the cute thing where you wrap your arms around your significant other to “teach them” how to swing the club.

A Walk through Audubon (Uptown)

If you ignore the overwhelming smell of duck poop, a stroll through Audubon is quite romantic. Take it up a notch by bringing food to picnic at the Fly, or be that healthy couple we all hate that runs laps together.

Pelicans Game (Smoothie King Center)

Distract yourself from your relationship problems by watching the trainwreck that is the New Orleans Pelicans, instead. Plus, since Oklahoma City is the visiting team, you can witness the adorable bromance of Russell Westbrook and Paul George. And really, what could be more romantic than spending your Valentine’s Day in an arena named after a smoothie chain?

Canoeing and Swamp Tours (multiple locations)

Arguably nothing is more romantic than mother nature. Take a break from city life and get lost under the stars in a moonlit ride down the Mississippi River, or enjoy spotting wildlife during a swamp tour. Bonus: this is reminiscent of the greatest fictional couple of all time, Shrek and Fiona.

Whatever your plans (or lack thereof), here’s wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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