Speakeasy: TULAG’s take on mafia mysteries

Hannah Erbrick, Arcade Editor

Emma Vaughters | Layout Editor

Itʼs the Roaring Twenties, and corruption is on the rise in your city. The Mob rules the streets, and its reach extends even further — to the police force, the courts and even City Hall. The Mobʼs crews of thieves, hitmen, bootleggers, dirty lawyers, speakeasy owners, con artists and cops on the take think they hold the real reins of power in this city.”

From the comfortable lens of 21st century life, it’s easy to romanticize the Roaring Twenties. “Speakeasy” hosted by Tulane University Live Action Gaming is “a game of creative deception, hidden identities, and strategy,” according to the event page online.

The admirable fashion, infamous mobsters and looming doom of market failure make the 1920s an exciting theme for any party – especially one involving a little competition.

Players are randomly assigned to one of two groups: the Mob or the Feds. Using secret codes and espionage, players must discern who they can trust and who they must take down.

Accompanied by the sweet tunes of live jazz performed by the All Strung Up Ensemble, players will work their way through the intricacies of Mob versus Fed conflict, gaining points for their respective teams. After an hour of play, the team with the most points will be crowned the winner.

“Speakeasy” promises not only to be a fun competition but to foster friendships between players. Andy Patton, its creator, sees the exciting game as “the kind of experience relationships are made of.”

Join TULAG this Friday night for what’s sure to be an exciting and captivating night of deception, decorum and delicate dealings. Make sure to RSVP at TULAG’s OrgSync, as there are only 40 spots for players. If the party is full or you’d rather not participate, interested students can swing by and watch the game unfold.

“Speakeasy” takes place this Friday from 7-9 p.m. at the Labyrinth Café, 7102 Freret Street

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