To frisbee or not to be frisbee: Men’s ultimate frisbee team soars into regional competition

Julia Hyman, Staff Reporter

Ultimate frisbee is the epitome of a college club sport. Offering competition, friendship and a fun way to stay active, it represents what every athlete wants when looking for a new activity as a young adult.

The Tulane men’s ultimate frisbee club team certainly recognizes the need to operate with these objectives. It is inclusive to newcomers yet demanding enough to make it the successful team that it has proven to be each year.

Tryouts are open to players of all skill levels and everyone who wants to make the team does. Practicing four days a week, the players makes large strides in their talent levels and greatly improve their skills throughout the season, allowing for many successes.

This season, the team finished fifth in sectionals and has earned a spot in the regional tournament this upcoming weekend. The team will compete against other colleges in the southeast with the intention of battling for a spot in the national tournament.

Each year, one to three teams in a region are given the opportunity to attend nationals. This year, only one will advance from the southeast regionals to play at nationals. Senior and captain Zach Karpen believes that Rex, the team’s nickname, can take down unsuspecting opponents in the upcoming high-stakes games.

“[We’re] just looking to be competitive at regionals, kind of show that we are a competitive team and that we should be a force to be reckoned with within the southeast,” Karpen said.  “It will be difficult to go to nationals, but I believe that we are able to play with most teams in our section.”

Besides their passion for the game, the team members’ strong bond with each other adds to their success. They are truly friends on and off the field, making the team one big family.

“It started off being something where I was just looking to play a sport and have that team aspect,” Karpen said. “But it has become something that has really become the main aspect of my four years at college.”

The heart of the men’s frisbee team can be captured in its post-game cheer, “Rex on three, family on six.” It represents the love of the game and the dedication to the team, win or lose.

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