Tulane’s women’s tennis team looking to serve up more wins this coming season

Ben Friedman, Contributing Reporter

Last season, the Tulane’s women’s tennis team managed a middling 10-14 record, with eight home wins and two away. The team’s 42% win rate kept it out of the cellar by a few wins, but only just. 

Senior Laura Fabrizi hits the court and the ball. Photo courtesy of Parker Waters

The team kicked off last season with a close win against Northwestern State, beating them out 4-3. From there, it demolished its competition, winning the next three home matches.

After this strong start, however, the team fared much worse, beginning with an 0-7 loss to LSU, despite junior Laura Fabrizi’s incredible win in the first set of her singles match. With the team’s morale flagging after the LSU loss, the team continued on a bit of a losing streak, falling to various opponents during its next six matches.

Fortunately, the team bounced back with a 4-1 win against the University of Alabama-Birmingham. During this match, the previously 25th-ranked duo Elena Muller and Ivone Alvaro nicely beat out their opponents 6-1

Despite some signs of a recovery, the team went back into another losing streak over the next five matches before winning the next five matches after that. The last game of the season was a loss against the College Of Charleston, 2-4. Ivone Alvaro and Adelaide Lavery won their singles matches to put up a fight against COFC.  

Freshman Adelaide Lavery swats the ball back at her opponent. Photo courtesy of Parker Waters

Over the summer, the team was training and practicing for the upcoming season. The team’s returning members, sophomores Lauren Gish and Adelaide Lavery, junior Daniela La Fuente, and seniors Laura Fabrizi and Christina Sisti, will join freshmen Mackenzie Clark and Lahari Yelamanchili.

Head coach Maria Brito is also returning for a third season with big expectations. Under her leadership, the Green Wave will compete in at least five tournaments during its fall season. During the spring semester, 14 of its 23 matches will be home meets at the City Park Tennis Center.      

Tulane’s Women’s Tennis team has its first tournament this weekend from Sept. 27-9 at the Samford Invitational.

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