Snap out of it: TUCP hosts hypnotist Gabriel Holmes

Cori Shalit, Arcade Editor

Hypnotist Gabriel Holmes will be presenting a comedy show at the Rathskeller Lounge on Oct. 25 from 9-10:45 p.m. The event, hosted by Tulane University Campus Programming and Tulane After Dark, boasts free admission and aims to provide an entertaining and enjoyable experience to Tulane students. 

While hypnosis has often been regarded as a mystical act with little real-world use, it has also been used by many therapists to put patients into a state of heightened concentration in order to help them break bad habits and open them up to transformative messages. Holmes aims to provide a fresh and exciting approach to hypnotism to dispel inaccurate myths that surround the state of mind.

Hypnotist Holmes has garnered a reputation for being unique and hilarious, leaving audience members with an unforgettable experience. During his show, he will allow participants to undergo the transformation from the conscious to the subconscious and create this observable hypnotic process for the audience to witness and participate in.

Holmes focuses on motivational hypnosis to reach his audience. Holmes aims to empower participants to give them the motivation and inspiration to take control of the power of their own minds. To do so, he discusses the role personal vocabulary, perception of reality and media play in shaping our lives. The emphasis on motivational hypnosis is intended to foster a new passion in life for participants.

The performer has put on more than 1,100 shows to date across North America in events ranging from graduation parties to corporate events and performances at colleges and universities, like this one.

Attending this interactive and high-energy event this Friday night is the perfect transition into a fun and spooky Halloweekend. 

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